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Why volunteer for community service? On the outside, community service looks like free work being done without the volunteers gaining anything from their efforts. Community service, however, is much more than that; it’s a great way to connect personally with your community and help others. It’s beneficial to you as well: volunteering for community service can lead to personal development. Here are some specific examples of the benefits you’ll gain from community service.


Volunteering your time with charities and nonprofit organizations will facilitate connecting with your community. As a volunteer, you are actively giving back to those around you through your work and dedication; doing so can open your eyes to those who are truly in need. Community service connects us to those who aren’t as fortunate as we are, which then encourages volunteers to work on improving the community they live in. This improvement will work to make the community a better place to live.


Community service doesn’t just encourage personal development—it encourages professional development as well. It’s a great way to help you gain experience and skills you didn’t have before, especially if said skills and experience will help you on the road to professional success. Volunteering with your community works on your communication and organizational skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and task management. If you’re uncertain about a certain career path, it’s possible for there to be a volunteer path that’ll allow you to try out the career before making a commitment. 

Social Awareness

Volunteering gets you more in touch with your community, allowing you to become closer to the place you call home. Actively partaking in community service will give you a deeper understanding of the needs of society and those you’re trying to help at once, giving you a deeper understanding and awareness of where society stands and what needs to improve. There’s a difference between reading about societal issues online and seeing it in person—becoming personally involved makes the issues hit closer to home, giving you firsthand experience in the conditions that need improvement.


Lastly, community service is a great way to build lasting relationships between yourself and the people in your community. Volunteering to help others can help you bond with your fellow volunteers, allowing you to form friendships while you work. Volunteering will also connect you with those you’re helping, forging a bond through kindness. If you’re new to an area, community service is an easy way to introduce yourself to neighbors and form lasting friendships; you could also introduce existing friends to the service you’re doing, further strengthening your bonds.