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Charities take a lot of resources to run. Many businesses choose to support local charities for various reasons. Here are some tips.


There are many benefits of supporting a local charity. It does not necessarily have to cost you a lot of cash. For example, you can donate excess food that you won’t be using if you own a restaurant or cafe. Likewise, if business is slow, you can send employees to volunteer.


Supporting local charities helps your business connect with the community. Quite simply, it’s good public relations. Big businesses have many advantages in the marketplaces. One advantage small businesses have is their connection to the local community.


By supporting a local business, it shows your employee base is local as well. You’re choosing to spend resources on making the community a better place to live.


It can also help you network and build partnerships. Your employees will meet many people at a volunteering event. The charity can also publicize your support in their newsletter.


Supporting local charities can improve the morale of your employees. It feels good to work for the greater good. Many would find it prestigious to work for a generous employer. Customers will feel positive about purchasing from a company that donates to a charity.


Choosing the right organization can be a long process. However, it’s very important, and you shouldn’t rush it. Most experts would recommend that you go with a local organization. With a large one, you’ll probably just fall through the cracks. Many of them are national and you’re just a blip on their radar.


Make sure you find one that fits your values. For example, some might want to work with a charity connected to a particular religious organization. Others will try to avoid it.


If you can, find one that’s related to your business. An accounting firm can donate employee time to VITA, which prepares tax returns for free for the disadvantaged.


Research the charities online on sites like CharityNavigator and GuideStar. Some charities are very inefficient and spend all their funds on marketing expenses.


Do a Google search for your charity. See if there’s been any recent negative bad press.


The charity your business supports shouldn’t be the choice of one person. Be democratic and let your employees have some say in the process.


Supporting local charities is a great move for businesses. Follow these tips to do it properly.