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Giving to charity is always a great opportunity to make a lasting impact and help solve social and economic problems that the needy in society face. The first and most important step to starting your journey in philanthropy is identifying the right charity organizations to partner with. The process of identifying your niche in philanthropy may be quite complicated, especially if you do not know where to start. Here is an overview of steps to take in order to find a philanthropic organization that matches your goals.


Identifying the focus


Philanthropic organizations focus on different aspects of the social and economic needs of society. The first thing to do is to identify a charity organization whose focus matches your ambitions of giving. All charity organizations have a specific orientation, which may be defined in terms of the specific needs that the organization addresses, the kind of population that the organization focuses on, and the strategic goals identified by the organization.


Focusing on the people


If you have a specific interest in helping specific people in need in society, you may want to factor in that element when selecting a suitable charity organization. The area of focus, in this regard, is to ensure that you evaluate the charity organization on the basis of the kind of population being addressed. Generally, this includes children, women, the elderly, refugees, or even supporting children from disadvantaged families to acquire basic or advanced education. Focusing on the population that you wish to help will give you a great sense of accomplishment.


Geographic location


Sometimes, giving to charity may be defined in terms of the geographic location of the charity organization. Some philanthropists may have a specific taste for helping alleviate their fellow countrymen’s needs, while some generally favor helping persons overseas. You may, therefore, want to check the charity organizations’ geographic location or the location of the specific target population.


Type of challenges


The last area that you may want to look at is the size of your contribution’s impact. In this regard, some charity organizations undertake large complex challenges, such as eradicating diseases, educating a population, or even climate change. On the other hand, some charity organizations tend to focus on smaller challenges, such as cleaning the neighborhood.