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Philanthropists are turning their attention to the Next Gen ā€” millennials and Generation Zā€” as an emerging cohort that can help make a difference. If they’re not enough, maybe they will be the next generation to transform philanthropy truly. The Next Gen has shown a willingness to engage with charitable organizations that are trying to make an impact in their communities and offering them opportunities for engagements on topics that interest them.

Philanthropic organizations are using social media to connect with the Next Gen and broaden the reach of their fundraising campaigns.

The Next Gen has grown up with technology and is used to interacting online. Charitable organizations make it easier to connect with them online by increasing engagement on websites and social media. Millennials precisely like Twitter because they believe that they can impact what happens in the world by sending out messages through tweets.

They are being identified early to raise their giving rates.

The next-Gen identify themselves as young philanthropists, and survey results suggest that they want to be called up for their roles in shaping public policy and social issues. Organizations are targeting the Next Gen earlier than ever and offering opportunities to engage with them in research and other activities to identify the best avenues to get involved.

They’re getting involved in initiatives that impact scaling up charitable organizations.

Social media has enabled young people to connect and share their interests. Charitable organizations are capitalizing on these networks of individuals to reach out to the Next Gen and partner with them in initiatives that can scale up their excellent work.

They’re inventing new approaches to philanthropy which is pushing the envelope.

The Next Gen looks down upon traditional approaches, not just because it’s considered an old hat but also because they don’t think it is effective. They want to do something about the problems that social issues fall into and not just be part of the solution but be creators of the solution. They’re willing to work on partnerships with those who might not share their same philosophy but might have a different way of working toward solving problems.

They are bringing a new voice into philanthropy, affecting how charitable organizations go about their work.

The Next Gen wants difference because they feel that they will achieve more if they bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to philanthropic organizations. This affects how social issues are being tackled because the Next Gen wants to be part of the solution. Charitable organizations are going beyond their traditional roles, bringing about a change in their work.

In conclusion, Next Gen is making a significant impact on philanthropy. As the Next Gen continues to grow up, they are taking on leadership roles across institutes and charitable organizations and will continue to transform them. The Next Generation is truly impacting philanthropic organizations, which means that they are all set to influence the world of philanthropy.