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Charities play the all-important role of coordinating charity organizations in supporting communities. The extent of support provided by charities to local communities targeted in the philanthropic program varies from one charity organization to another. The impact of these charities on the local population emphasizes the need for supporting lives and making livelihoods. Philanthropic programs coordinated by charity organizations can produce different levels of impact depending on the objective of a charity.

Financial Donations

The primary way that charities support communities is through financial donations. Charities convert financial support into material items, depending on what need is being addressed by the charity organization. The financial aid or financial equivalent of the donations go directly into helping support or at least address the needs of the local population. For example, in a community where water is unavailable, charity organizations may channel financial contributions into programs designed to sink boreholes.

Technical Guidance

The second way that charity supports communities is through the provision of technical guidance and assistance. In this regard, charity organizations can channel the professional contributions of different philosophies to ensure proper channeling of skills and competencies to the local population. In most cases, this happens through programs designed to facilitate mentorship where the local population gets impacted with skills to do certain specific things. For example, mentoring young, ambitious people about attending college can help them make the right decisions when selecting the right course.

Charities can also help support the local communities by providing much-needed sustenance. This is often the case in instances where access to basic amenities, such as food, clothing, and shelter is greatly limited by scarcity. Donations that come in the form of material items, such as clothing, can make a massive difference in helping ensure that persons in need get a much-needed reprieve.

Community Development

The last area of impact that charity organizations have on communities revolves around community development. Community development brings about sustainable growth and stability among the targeted populations. The community development programs can help turn a neighborhood around as far as providing sustenance is concerned. For instance, a community that does not have a chance to produce food due to environmental constraints, such as lack of rain and water, can be turned around by creating an elaborate irrigation system, which sustains agricultural farming.