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As everyone has learned in recent years, the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted life in almost every way imaginable. For those who are responsible for finding volunteers for worthy causes worldwide, it can be very difficult to entice individuals to give up their time to take part in such projects as life slowly starts to return to normal. There are some proven tactics that recruiters can use, however, and the following steps are among the most effective.

Offer Flexibility

Just as workers have gotten used to workplace flexibility such as remote work and customized schedules, it is important for volunteers to feel as if they have options regarding the way they engage in and complete projects. Even if a particular strategy was effective prior to the pandemic, it might not be sufficient to engage volunteers in a post-COVID world. To remain relevant and operational, volunteer-based entities and organizations should provide as much customization as possible to fit the needs or preferences of potential volunteers. 

Offer Feedback

Everyone wants to feel as if they are heard and their input is valued, and this can be especially true when someone is prepared to give up their time and resources to help out a volunteer group. Sometimes, all it takes is listening intently and providing an effective sounding board for questions or concerns to convince would-be volunteers that their voice is important and their desires will be taken into account before determining the details of a project. 

Offer Relevance

Most of today’s volunteer recruiters are interested in appealing to the unique experiences and values of Generation Z and younger millennials. For this reason, it might be more difficult for aging organizations to remain relevant to the next generations. Consulting with the right groups of analysts and experts with close connections to young adults is a great way to refocus the approach to appeal to those in the target demographics. Focusing on the values issues that are important to these individuals, such as sustainability and inclusion, are important things to remember when developing an effective pitch.